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CellByName.com is your premier source for conducting cell phone number searches by name, or determining who owns an unknown cell number. You can find cell numbers simply by offering information such as the first and last name of the person you are trying to contact. If you know the state where he or she lives, this will further narrow the field in which to search, or you can simply conduct a nationwide search. This is the ideal way to contact a long-lost friend or relative, especially if he has an unlisted phone number.

You can also conduct a reverse cell search to determine who you missed a call from, or who keeps calling you from an unknown cell number. Simply input the ten-digit cell number you want to search, and determine where the cell numbers you are searching are registered, to whom they are registered to, and even the carrier.

We have compiled information contained in both public and private databases in order to allow you to easily and quickly search cell numbers from the comfort of home. CellByName.com is your go-to source to find the cell number of that special someone you’ve been searching for, or even solve the mystery of the unknown caller using our reverse cell search.
Do You Need to Find Anyone's Mobile Number?
Currently cell phone numbers are not listed in public resources. So if you need to find anyone's cell number, you will have to resort to other means. There are several online detective services that allow access to databases for small registration fee. CellByName.com is one of those services that gives users the ability to search by name for cell phone numbers, addresses, run background checks, search criminal records and much more.
How to Search for Cell Numbers
Cell numbers are different from landline numbers because they are issued by one of many cellular providers, and there is no existing book where all of these are compiled for easy lookup. There is currently no wireless 411 directory available to the public. This means that virtual sources which allow you to search cell number information are necessary in order to find your college friend or distant relative who may not be reached via landline or some other method. The databases from which this information is gleaned are compiled from publicly available sources of information, but would take several hours and energy in order to physically check these on your own. Therefore, using an online source can make your search for cell numbers far easier.
Where to Find Cell Numbers
You can find cell numbers using an online records service that has compiled all available sources of information at one location. You can typically search these services for the cell numbers you want by the owner’s name. For instance, if you want to find your old roommate’s cell number, you would simply need some basic information such as first and last name and where they currently reside. Some, but not all, cell phone carriers also provide directories of cell numbers, but only for their particular customers. This means that the cell number you are trying to find must be issued by the same carrier that you use personally. If not, your carrier will be unable to find cell numbers from other cell phone companies. Formerly, cell numbers were specific to the carrier that issued them. If a customer changed cellular providers, they had to also change numbers. However, it is now easier to find cell numbers because they are attached to the owner and can be transferred to a new carrier if the owner so chooses. This means that it no longer matters who their cell phone provider is -- you can search their cell number and it will still be associated with them.
How You Can Use Cell Number Information
The information associated with a cell number includes the owner’ name, service provider, address and possibly even the length of time the owner has been associated with that cell number. You may not use this information for solicitation purposes, credit-checking or other character examination purposes without the express written consent from the owner of the cell number. Cell number records such as phone numbers called and received, length and frequency of calls and text message information is only available with a court-issued subpoena.
Do Not Call Laws and Cell Numbers
According to the FCC, cell numbers may now be registered through the National Do Not Call Registry. However, this law applies to telemarketers and other solicitors only; individuals may still call the numbers for personal reasons. The FCC also requires telemarketers to allow their phone numbers to be shown on Caller ID screens, so their number should never be blocked. Even if you have registered on the Do Not Call Registry, some companies can still contact you. These include non-profit organizations, any company which you have given written consent to contact you, and those businesses which you already have an established relationship. State Do Not Call laws vary; some may only protect you against in-state telemarketing calls, so check with your local government resources.
How You Can Protect Your Cell Number Information
In addition to protecting yourself from telemarketing calls by registering for available state registries and the National Do Not Call Registry, you may request to be removed from online cell number directories. If your cell phone company provides a registry for all of its customers, you may remove yourself from this as well by request. When calling other parties, if you want to avoid them from obtaining your cell number, you can simply dial *67 prior to dialing their number. However, remember your cell phone service provider may charge a fee for this service.